Trucking as a Magnifying Glass on Who We are as Americans 

Amanda Baker,

July 17th, 2018




Every product you touch, was on a semi truck at one point and time.

If semi trucks didn't deliver our toilet paper, it would be safe to say that we would all be in deep doo-doo.

The strength of the American economy relies heavily on transporting goods over the road with semi trucks and professional drivers. Over the last five years of being in the trucking industry, I have gained some incredible insights about who we are as Americans.

My general "feel" of American identity today stems from talking to TENS OF THOUSANDS of citizens (sometimes 100 in a single day) from all over the country. Gratefulness of the extreme hard work, professionalism and dedication I have seen from truckers and customers is my inspiration for writing this article.

In this article I will describe some of the key qualities of American identity as appreciated and experienced through the vast trucking industry.

1.) IT TAKES EVERY KIND OF PERSON: We are an extremely diverse country. Truckers and customers come from every type of background you can imagine. Despite our different backgrounds, it is the mutual respect, professionalism and a willingness to do business that really matters. All of the accents of the US are unique and beautiful. We are all human and share this beautiful country together.

2.) OUR WORD IS STILL STRONG: Trucking has made me appreciate the reliance on and power of one's word. It can be more convenient to give up when things get tough, or fall back on promises when a better opportunity comes along. However, very seldom do I find people going back on their word. We are here to do what we said, adjust if necessary and move forward!

3.) WE TELL THE TRUTH: Truth prevails! We all try to stick to the facts and the truth, through good and bad situations. We can get much farther when solving a problem with a cool head and being reasonable.

4.) WE LOVE TO DO BUSINESS: We all love repeat business and negotiation. It's as if there is an unspoken understanding that we all will make more money if we all get along!

5.) HOLIDAYS AND FAMILY TIME ARE SACRED: This country shuts down during Christmas, New Years, Easter, Independence Day, etc. Thank goodness for that! Just for everyone's sake, please try and stock up on TP before your time off.

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